The Team

Danielle Spera, internationally renowned journalist, communication and political scientist, as well as executive director at Culture.Media.Judaism and board member of the Leopold Museum Private Foundation, acts as GREEN PEAK FESTIVAL’s patroness. Drawing attention to the need for a sustainable transformation of our society and economy is a great concern to Danielle Spera, who therefore supports the two founders and brothers Daniel and Aleksandar Gros in the realisation of the GREEN PEAK FESTIVAL.

Daniel and Aleksandar are running their long standing consultancy company Grimex Consult and have substantial experience in organizing international business and political conferences. As young fathers, they are passionate about addressing the pressing concerns of climate change and environmental degradation to secure a world worth living in for future generations – which is how the idea for the GREEN PEAK FESTIVAL was born.

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Advisory Committee

Norbert Harringer

Sustainability, and in particular how we master climate change, is one of the very big challenges.

For me personally, for AGRANA as an energy-intensive processor of agricultural raw materials, for our suppliers and customers, and for society as a whole, this is an issue of increasingly existential importance.

That is why we are pursuing an ambitious plan to switch to renewable energy sources to reduce our climate impact.

Norbert Harringer
CTO at AGRANA Beteiligungs-AG
Monika Froehler

The biggest challenge and the biggest opportunity of humankind currently is to do our utmost to keep our fragile planet sustainable, healthy and prosperous for the generations to come. We are the last generation that can still do something meaningful about stopping the overheating of the planet. The good news: we have all the science, tools, skills and connectedness we need at hand, if only we truly act as global citizens.

Monika Froehler
CEO Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens
Michael Höllerer

For me, sustainability and especially environmental protection are essential and indispensable components of everyday life and our society. I would like to contribute my ideas so that new and necessary paths can be taken in order to act “responsibly” - towards people, the environment and the economy - today and in the future.

Michael Höllerer
General Director Raiffeisen NÖ-Wien
Lena Hoschek

Conscious consumption, an appreciation of the environment and the careful use of resources - that’s what sustainability means to me.
As a textile manufacturer, it is very important to me to create durable fashion that can last for generations.

Lena Hoschek
Lena Hoschek GmbH
Johannes Wesemann

Climate protection means commitment at all levels. We have to demonstrate, inform, inspire, educate and hold those legally accountable who intentionally damage the environment.

Johannes Wesemann
ALLRise | Association for the Promotion of Environmental Protection, Democracy and the Rule of Law
Wolfgang Anzengruber

It is a huge challenge for all of us, to limit global warming and climate change.
We have to unite all our efforts to achieve sustainability in each sector of our economy.

Wolfgang Anzengruber
CEOs for Future
Bettina Leidl

The effects of the climate crisis are omnipresent and widely visible. Because of its complexity and drama, the climate crisis is ultimately also a crisis of our imagination.

Bettina Leidl
Managing Director of the MuseumsQuartier

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